I was suprised that there's a lot of unexplained questions after the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2 events!

This is very confusing for me! No battle with Surtur and his demons? No Civil War?, Nothing at all?

Now there is one best reason why Marvel should renew AEMH with the third season because Season 2 has some story twists in it wihich leaves many questions and many other expected (or unexpected) charcters were supposed to appear but they didn't.

I believe that this AEMH show has the potential to bring old and new characters to life.

Marvel must reconsider the cancellation of AEMH and renew it for third season! I mean now! And PS: Fire Jeph Loeb now 'cause he sucks in his job!

AEMH GiftPoster Flat

The other characters are all supposed to appear excluding Iron Man, Hulk, Cap, Wasp, and Wolverine.

Giant-Man, Pulsar & Machine Man

They're supposed to appear in Season 2 except for Giant Man who already made his debut!

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