The 2012 Comic Con approaches and the new Avengers cartoon follows, thought I refuses to leave this wiki in this state. As the finally parting gift to this wiki, I will be working overtime to construct a fully formed wiki. Pages need updating, unused categories need to be reported to Admin for "clean up".

I hope we all can stay and contribute as much as we can to the wiki. New information from this blog will comes soon, with updates every Wednesday at 8:00 or 8:10 AM EST. So lets get to work.


Update #1: The Tree of Wikia Life

Categories the small words at the bottom of each page, that connect the wiki's pages together. A Category Tree. Some categories are unneeded. Here is the list of every category that exist on this wiki .Link ^_^. I am going to browse through them and pull up some unwanted ones. If you come across any, please contact.

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