Well it is time for me to go. Officially. I haven't been that good of an admin here since Ji and Godblaster left. And I'm pretty sure GB is gone. I'm gonna miss them. The main reason why I'm leaving this wiki is overall the lack of dedication. The rules on this wiki are set up horribly and I'm not even sure there are rules. If so, I have not seen ANY of them being enforced. Not trying to act pretentious, but this wiki will most likely fall apart after I leave. Users have TOO much free range on this wiki, they think they can do almost anything. I am just shocked by how much bad grammar are on various articles. Unneed categories are outta this world on this wiki, categories like "Male", "Female", and "Comic-Only Characters" (Like who wrote that?), etc. I would go around and fix them, but they are embedded on nearly every page.

And I can't go around doing these things on my own. So, I have decided to leave. It's not worth it when I try to put work into it, but others don't. Seeing as when I leave only two admins will be left on this wiki, I nominate Feey1 to become an admin. He might not have the high edit count, but he is mature enough and has experience being an Admin on other wikis.

Once again, the lack of dedication goes both ways. I have shown a lack of dedication lately and the community seems to have shown it to. I haven't even seen the remaining EMH episodes. I'm far behind and don't have time to catch up. This wiki is far behind, most of the pages need to be updated, the episodes need to be updated, MP, and the biggest thing that makes me mad is, that we don't have information on the comic book tie-ins. Like we have none, we don't even have updated information on AEMH. We don't follow the creators on their forums or whatever they might have, we don't stay updated.

I'm probably gonna promote Feey1 to admin, after I leave. And that's all the admins you guys need on this wiki. No more then 3 or 4. But a fourth admin is out of the question seeing as no one else here is qualified.

This is just my parting blog. I'm not gonna drop by and see how things are going, I can only trust that the admins and the users of the wiki can improve it. .....Regular Guy signing off.

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