Why not ask Marvel for a New Avengers show as we all kow the New Avengers will make there apperance with in the show with the team consisting of (The Amazing Spider-Man,Wolverine,Luke Cage,Iron-Fist,The Thing,War Machine)but what if they could get there own show shareing the same universe as AEMH but changeing the team would be nice for instance have Winter Soldier join maybe Monkingbird maybe even Wonderman or there version of Spider-Woman but has the same tone and style as AEMH but this is a sequel the Avengers from the first show would make there apperance once in a while and use the concept of a seasson 3 (Magic)and tell other stories like the Brian Micheal Bendis for this show oh and please if this ever happen's Chris Yost,Josh Fine please come back for this show and please have Brian Micheal Bendis wth them for this

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