In 1984 Marvel's first biggiest event the Secret Wars came and it was awsome. And recently with The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes canned one of the greatiest writters would love to see this to be brought to light seeing as how the only show that ever did this was Spider-Man's 1990's series but at best that was a very lose adaptation of Secret Wars. this one would be too probably because of the cast but never the less best version ever not sure if Spidey already had the black suit in this universe and if not we would sort of witness the birth of Venom plus galactius is in the n-zone so don't know how that would work but would be nice to see what Chris's take on this story it was pretty cool. would love to see Red Skull,Ultron,Kang,Doctor Doom,Wrecking Crew,doc ock,Galactus in there fighting The Avengers,X-Men,Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man but part of the battle world would be new york city.

now this would be great direct to dvd stuff the if they want to the can do AEMH divided we fall and United we stand to pay attention to the ultimate universe plus marvel would be making a lot of money and then if they so chose bring in House of M and Civil War . what do you guy's think?