Now young justice has a good looking Young Justice game called Young Justice Legacy but The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes is in the same light they are both in the same boat they both are great show's that kick so much ass and really do define Amazing Super-Heroes from both Marvel and Dc but The Avengers need a game a good one too but personaly i would love to see a brian micheal bendis Secret War for this game and it would be a version of season three and i would like to play as every one in that last episode of The Avengers Earth's Mightiest you know Iron-Man,Thor,The Hulk,Captain America,Yellow Jacket,Wasp,Hawkeye,Black Panther,Ms.Marvel,Vison,Black Widow,Spider-Man,Wolverine,Luke cage,IRon-Fist,War Machine,TheThing,Human Torch,Invisible Woman,Mr.Fantastic,Scott Lang(Ant-Man),Winter Solider,Flacon,doc Samson,Quake would be playable characters in this game and it would have a star wars battle front 2 type of gameplay mixed in with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 gameplay mixed in with dynasty warriors gameplay but you can you can only play as ten characters at one time so what do you guys think?

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