The Spectacular Spider-Man one of Marvel's Amazing Animated series this question has came up before and josh fine said "we stay pretty classic with our charcters" and SSM has a lot of Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man stories there and Spectacular Spider-Man has a lot of classic stories and theme's then i asked Chris Yost it would be "a fun nod and had no idea about ultimate spider-man"and i also had asked weather or not will he be working on another Spider-man show his reply was" No spider plans for me but i'd love to favorite character"( Chris Yost is the bomb i hope if Marvel ever dose have another Spidey show he has the keys to it) seeing as how Josh Keaton was suppose to voice him and Josh Fine had something to do With SSM the way i see it it is part of the Yost Universe or at least i hope The Spectacular Spider-Man is just as Mighty as The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes and i really hope this is the case comment and tell me what you think.

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