Now Christopher Yost is a genius because of his story telling is the greatest AEMH and WATXM are the best Marvel has right now and i know AEMH will be replaced with Avengers Assemble but it wont be the same if anything Chris needs to be head of Marvel Entertainment he's earned it no offense to loeb but Chris can tell better stories than he can any day. I have noticed that every episode that Chris Yost wrote which i kinda all of the first season of The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes and like half of the second season are acctually the best of the show. only when he dose it sure there are a few episodes that were under diffrent writter's but even then they were good not like Chris Yost his stories are Mighty they acctually are bad asses when he starts writting now if he just did Spider-Man after this man that would be cool.The Avengers are my favorite team and he did them justice now i would love to see him do my favorite hero (Spider-Man) because he would take him seriously he would treat him with respect and point is thatchris pay's super heroes respect unlike man of action and jeph loeb are rapeing spider-man the only reason why i still watch it is for micheal clark duncan and the animationand some what because bendes & dinni are there but thats it if anything chris is just as good as dini but the man needs to be apart of marvel i don't know tell me what you guy's think?

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