This one is about how The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Spider-Man needs his own show.he has been screwed over by USM well it's time Spidey needs and desreves better than that crap sorry to say it but it's crap and with Spider-Man you can't afford to take too many liberties. there are rules with Spider-Man one's you can't break no matter how it looks good on paper Stan "the man" Lee & Brain Micheal Bendes created him and right now man of action has been taking everything that makes him who he is away.he is not deadpool it not like working with batman the animated series it should be like working on Spider-Man Blue or Spider-Man loves Mary Jane or like the real Utimate Spider-Man you know the good comic series in the Ultimate universe for 13 years striaght.
Now a Spider-Man show in this universe would make it more of a new MAU. i came up with a name The Amazingly Spectacular Spider-Man in which the hole series would start off with his real origin from Amazing Fantasy 15 and powerless(USM) but with ultimate twist's like i said square one not many spidey show's do that they don't tell it at all or they get to it later in mid season.the big villian are the great one's like Green Goblin,Dr.Octopus,Sandman,Rhino,Electro,Venom(Eddie Brock) and the Kingpin of course you have shocker,vulture and kraven with myestrio but those guys would be like hired guns for Kingpin and the feel of the show would have Ultimate Spider-Man mixed in with NOIR themes just toned down. And yes this would be in continuity just take place before and the middle of AEMH Season 1 and 2 but by the time season 2 is around he will be 17 along with the what was up while the Avengers left for Operation Galactic Storm in that time frame they were frame.
  1. Peter Parker/Spider-Man=Peter is the brightiest Mind at Midtown high with the IQ of 145 but socaily akward Peter has a hard time talking to people without either being shy or a smart mouth until that day the radioactive Spider bit him turning him into the Amazing Spider-Man he used his power at first to be a show off but after the death of his beloved Uncle Ben the 15 year old boy is forced to grow up faster than he should have takeing care of his beloved Aunt May while keeping up with a secret identity it's rough but with Great Power Must Come Great Responsiblity.
  2. Mary Jane Watson=Midtown high's most beautiful girl and she has a crush on Peter with her personality she makes anyone feel good about themselves everyone's dream girl in every way possible the red head bomb shell is a lot like her ultimate counter part but haveing some traits from her ASM counter part almost as smart as peter but always request him as a tudor.
  3. Harry Osborn=Harry is Peter's friend if friend means doing all your homework while you go to parties worst friend ever but peter's friend and would sometimes bail him out of flash thompson's madness but he only dose that because he wishes he had peter's mind he is always courious very insitant and arogant plus keeps everyone in line with the money he has.
  4. Gwen Stacy= alot like her classic counter part Gwen here is bright not like peter but also find's him attractive like mary jane dose.
  5. Aunt May= Peter's Aunt who treats him like her son seeing as how she saw him like that in the beging but also knowing where his parent's went off she is the only one peter would acctually look to as a mother.
  6. Norman Osborn/Green Goblin=deadly bussiness man with a grudge and competor namely Stark norman is Smart but that's not all rude,arrogant dismissive and that's around his son but around peter he voice changes he is a new man they say never meet your heroes and you'll see why.
  7. J.Jonah Jamason=a mix of both his Ultimate and classic counter part but cares for peter like a son so he let him work on the web site.
  8. Ben Urich= top notch reaporter people always answer ben urich he is alot like his noir version
  9. Dr.Otto Octavoius/Dr.Octopus=evil mastermind usind a radioactive ray that gentically alter anything that norman dubed oz otto was evil even before he had the arms but now he is just dangerous
  10. Flint Marko/Sandman=scumbag with the tude of a hit man but the biggist loser ever with sandpowers
  11. Eddie Brock/Venom=just as Smart as peter but came aross the black suit( that there Parent's Made) after parker escaped it but learnig this is the kid he gose to school with and has always been a rival of wit's brock wants to break him what peter thought as a friendship is acctually just a sad kid wanting to beat his rival.
  12. Flash Thompson=his father told him he would never be good enough for his effection and was always cold but with parker he see's an opprotuintiy later the two will become friends but for now bitter eniemies.
  13. betty brant=Peter works with her on occation but they only see a working relationship
  14. joe robbinson=the only guy who think's Spidey has done some good and later will get him some good press
  15. Wilson Fisk/Kingpin=dirty crime boss. dealing with Hydra as a partner and the hand while trying to make a crimal army of super villains.haveing norman osborn do it for him
  16. Stan"The Man"Lee= one of may parkers best friends and greatiest father figure to Peter Stan is always happy to help he is a represnitive for super heroes and nick fury sort of has to answer to him
  17. Captain America=a father figure for peter and a member of his team cap see's him in the same spotlight as bucky but a little diffrent currently in season 2 training him after galatice
  18. Miles Morlais/Spider-man=peter's counter part like his comic version

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