Hiya, Wikia-ians!

My name is David Medinnus, and I'm the site owner/operator/rumor-monger/curmudgeon of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Fans web site, which was built when "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" consisted of the pre-release microepisodes.

I've been a lifelong Avengers fan, which seems fitting as both the Avengers and I were born in 1964. Through the years I've been involved professionally on one level or another in the comics industry, from retail (proud owner, "A Wrinkle In Time", in the early 1990's in Cupertino, CA) to conventions (I used to run Ops for Duncan Sandiland at WonderCon before it became part of the SDCC group) to techology (In 1993 I opened the Star-Spangled Site, which has more or less run until the present day, and I was the Director of Technology for Stan Lee Media). I am a proud Jarvis Head from the AML, and founded the WCAML when the AML went away.

I am published in both volumes of Assembled (Volume 1 and 2), literary criticism and analysis of the Avengers, all the profits from which went to the Heroes Initiative.

I pretty much quit comics when Brian Michael Bendis was allowed to destroy the Avengers franchise.

When Marvel Studios released the micro-episodes, it renewed my love for the characters and the franchise; these were the Avengers I knew and loved. It inspired me to create my AEMH web site, as well as do a whole bunch of AEMH microhero characters (which has slowed down, given the volume of the ones I've done).

So far, my AEMH site has been a lot of work, but its been easier for me than it is for some, as I was able to begin it at the beginning, and slowly add to it as things went along; I have an iTunes subscription, so I am able to take screenshots in HDTV quality, and review details pretty much on-demand.

All of that said - mi casa es su casa. Please, feel free to grab images, microheroes, profile text, anything at all from my Avengers site for the Wikia. All of the microheroes I have created are copyright by me, and I grant permission for their use. I have special artwork from Marvel Studios that I use with permission (like the artwork around the Avengers Mansion), or some of the production artists; please seek their permission before use.

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