Hi Everyone! I'm new.This blog post is about current Avengers Members.Without further a do.A'hm!


AEMH The Amazing Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider-Man!

Vision - Powers & Abilities

Vision!Eyes of the Future

Ms. Marvel

Ms.Marvel!The Kree of the Humans


Hawkeye!The Master Archer

Black Panther

Black Panther!The Sovereign Ruler!

Wasp stands after winning.jpg

Wasp!The Human Insect

Yellowjacket Proposal Two

Yellowjacket!The Man of Many Names!

55 ep 48

The Invincble Armored Iron Man!

Thor Odinson Proposal 6

Thor!Prince of Thunder


The Hulk!Strongest Hero There Is!

Captain America

And Captain America!The First Avenger





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