Well, if you probably didn't know. I was homeschooled for three years. Because of this I was given a computer. This allowed me to do my Schoolwork AND edit as much as I wanted to! Now I'm leaving Homeschool and I turned the computer back in.

There's no sign of me getting another computer for awhile. So since we're down to one computer (which is either used by my mom or my brother >.>), I am officially resigning from my wiki duties until I get another computer. I estimate that I probably won't have another computer for 4 -6 months. so no editing or chatting for me on wikia fpor that estimated time period due to these circumstances. PLUS I'm moving to oklahoma in august! So... we're gonna be moving, setting up furniture in our new home, and all that wonderful stuff.

I'm sorry for this abrupt absence and as Head crat of this wiki, I declare GODBLASTER in charge until I return as he has more edits than I do and has been by FAR the best editor on this wiki :)

I may occasionally find a computer somewhere (in a store, at a library, etc.,) and I may throw in a hand occasionaly but that's barely worth anything ._.

So... this is a long goodbye :)

Come up with a CONSISTENT page format for characters, items, etc., Delete all crappy Disney XD images, Fight spam, and make sure to update the front page!


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