I know last time you were a bit spooked wIth my off the wiki for 6 months thing, but this time there's little to no chance of me coming back :/

My faithful 7 year old desktop took it's last "breath" on Friday, when the elitrical belt tore. There's no identification of its brand, especially since it's a "Fry's quality systems" computer from '05. Besides, it was 2.0ghz and had an ancient integrated video card. It's better for me to wait for a new computer (and since I'm 14 and legally cant work, god knows when THAT will happen :/ ).

So... I'm pretty much announcing indefinite stasis/ retirement.

God blaster is the only crat here besides me, so you guys will have to work out the whole "who's the boss" thing without me. Although, I personally nominate regular guy to replace me as a crat.

I love you all and thank you for your contributions to this wiki. Keep on editing!

here's me

Btw, I'm "tapping" on my mom's ipad2, which my mom is on 24/7 since the computer is down. And, needless to say, making large edits on my phone is.... Disconcerting at best ._.

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