AEMH Volume 5

Hello everyone! Just thought I'd put the nail in the coffin on our beloved series with this photo --->

As you can see, it says "The Final Season". So please, ready yourselves for the transition to Avengers Assemble.

Here's the DVD info:


The Private War of Doctor Doom
Alone Against A.I.M.
Acts of Vengeance
Welcome to the Kree Empire
To Steal an Ant-Man
Michael Korvac
The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill
Who Do You Trust?
Behold…the Vision!
Nightmare in Red
Prisoner of War
Secret Invasion

Bonus Features: -A visual comic book exploration combining a smaller version of the episode with moving comic imagery, plus exciting facts! The transitions and movement of the pages containing the EPISODE, COMIC IMAGES, and MARVEL FACTS incorporates MARVEL COMICS style sound design, and uses the Avengers weapons as transitional devices (CAP’s shield, THOR’s hammer, HAWKEYE’s arrows, HULK’s fists, etc.). –Disc 1 – AVENGERS UNMASKED: The Private War of Doctor Doom –Disc 2 – AVENGERS UNMASKED: Behold…the Vision! -Disc 2 – Plus Never before seen episode: “Powerless”

So basically, it contains the first dozen episodes of AEMH with the bonus episode of Powerless!

The Disc hits the streets September 25, 2012 for around $26.99.

I'm pretty much expecting these episodes to be uploaded in HD on youtube around October. Which means we will busy for a while uploading HD screenshots of these episodes in October! ^.^

Here's where I got it from and here is where THEY got it from :-)

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