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  • Ji Robinson

    I know last time you were a bit spooked wIth my off the wiki for 6 months thing, but this time there's little to no chance of me coming back :/

    My faithful 7 year old desktop took it's last "breath" on Friday, when the elitrical belt tore. There's no identification of its brand, especially since it's a "Fry's quality systems" computer from '05. Besides, it was 2.0ghz and had an ancient integrated video card. It's better for me to wait for a new computer (and since I'm 14 and legally cant work, god knows when THAT will happen :/ ).

    So... I'm pretty much announcing indefinite stasis/ retirement.

    God blaster is the only crat here besides me, so you guys will have to work out the whole "who's the boss" thing without me. Although, I personally no…

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  • Ji Robinson

    I how you liked Ultron Unlimited because according to Toonzone , you won't be seeing any more AEMH until September 9'th. That's 3 weeks from the airdate of Ultron Unlimited. Ultimate Spiderman is in the boat too, so don't expect any new episodes from that show until September 9'th.

    Express your opinions in the comments.

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  • Ji Robinson

    According to Toonzone , MARVEL is once again giving us the shorter end of the stick.

    Although Ultron Unlimited was scheduled for August 12'th, it has been pushed back to August 19'th due to a four hour marathon of The Suite Life on Deck. Pushing back a currently airing series for a four hour marathon of a ended series is sort've harsh don't ya think? Sure AEMH is getting replaced, but we as fans should at least be entitled to consistent airing of our ill-fated series.

    Oh and it's not just us either. This weeks episode of Ultimate Spiderman is also being pushed to next week.

    Share your opinions in the comments.

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  • Ji Robinson

    For many of you, I'm sure you expected to be watching Powerless last Sunday. I'm sure you might be a little confused by why it didn't air, so lemme explain. Although it did air in Austrailia as an episode, Powerless is going to be released in America as a bonus "unreleased episode" on DVD in September. It'll be in HD and that's a whole lot bettter than whats online now, so I encourage you to buy the DVD and support the show :)

    Please do not add images of the episode Powerless until September 25'th, as that would be the release date of the episode.

    So there you have it! Share your opinions in the comments.

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  • Ji Robinson

    Hello everyone! Just thought I'd put the nail in the coffin on our beloved series with this photo --->

    As you can see, it says "The Final Season". So please, ready yourselves for the transition to Avengers Assemble.

    Here's the DVD info:


    The Private War of Doctor Doom
    Alone Against A.I.M.
    Acts of Vengeance
    Welcome to the Kree Empire
    To Steal an Ant-Man
    Michael Korvac
    The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill
    Who Do You Trust?
    Behold…the Vision!
    Nightmare in Red
    Prisoner of War
    Secret Invasion

    Bonus Features: -A visual comic book exploration combining a smaller version of the episode with moving comic imagery, plus exciting facts! The transitions and movement of the pages containing the EPISODE, COMIC IMAGES, and MARVEL FACTS incorporates MARVEL COMI…

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