For a couple weeks now I've been hearing about the very sad rumor that this amazing show is going to be cancelled in favor of making a new one in line with USM and make it have no real story arcs to where its just episodes that are self contained. Namely I've heard Jeph Loeb is the one behind the reasoning of cancelling it. And I didn't think to much until I saw this petition and then a few days later a site as big(well to me at least) like IGN posted this article and even saw youtuber grace randolph mention it briefly in and episode and while if this turns out to be false then it was all a bunch of worry for nothing, but if its true and which I'm sure it is since this show wasn't entirely made by disney and marvel since it was in development before they were bought I'm pretty sure they are going to do this. Now I believe as does everyone else has signed the petition thinks that we can save this show. Heck look how many other shows were saved because of the fans and what they did to keep it alive. And honestly we can still save it since the show's second season has just begun, and unlike most shows when the threat and rumor of cancellation is awhile after the season ends we're still in the beginning of the season. All we have to do is band together tweet them our thoughts, spread the word to all the fans of the show, post their facebook page, email them both marvel and disney, write them letters even, and even call them if you find their numbers. Just do something if you are a fan and you want this show to survive because like I said might as well try anything and everything if it helps since I'd rather say I tried to help save it then it gets cancelled because people like me don't spread the word and try to help with petitions and by contacting them. So again just spread the word let everyone know so that they can try to help.

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