Ok so Agent X revealed some interesting things about the upcoming Marvel animated features. I am going to do it in order in little summaries (but also take it with a grain of salt). Also source BEST NEWS EVER!.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Ok so the series, as expected, has low ratings because of the majority of the hardcore fans. Marvel realized they made HUGE mistake on it, that they went towards the younger audience instead of both the young and the adult, and the second season was renewed before the series even debut.

But this might change since they planned to make it less comedic and more drama, action packed and (thank god) LESS CUTAWAYS in season two and there is talk to be the same tone as the new Spider-Man movie reboot. This series might have a third season if the fans embrace it, but if this continues this show will be replaced by another spidey show. :)

Hulk and Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Ok this series is as stated to be the same as Ultimate Spider-Man (-_-). What's worse is that this show is DOOMED to fail, realized by Marvel. THis show will have ZERO I tell you ZEROOOOOOO plot, it's all about HULK SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH, and did I forgot to say Smash?

But there's a bright light in the shadows.

which is...

Avengers Assembled

I know most of you hate that AEMH is going to end and will be technically be replaced by this. But this series has some promise! Marvel has realized how horribly they have done with the descision on Ultimate Spider-Man and the Hulk and Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and they have decided that this show will not be in the same universe as them (:-D)! And this show will focus to both the younger audience and the best thing of all the Hardcore Fans! This show will also have supposedly great animation quality which they spend big money on it.

They will try to get the same voices for the characters that have appeared in the movies, but they have some troubles with it. What inside news of the show is that Ant-Man and Black Panther will join the cast later and the most awesome thing is THANOS is a big villain in it (>.< :-D)!

New X-Men animated feature

Yeah, you heard it here right! There are plans for a new X-men animated feature (always a good one). There is not much info about except that it might have the same tone as Avengers Assembled. There is also a second project for an unknown animated feature but we will hear that later in the future.

Misc Information


Some information of HUlk and the Avengers will show with the HUlk getting a short preview or a full episode and for Avengers the character designs. And that Jeph Loeb is getting cocky (hate that guy uuggggh >.<)!

Also to note thattThere will be undercover Marvel guys who will ask questions to the panelist, praising Ultimate Spider-man, and pretending to be hardcore fans who “supposedly” enjoy the show. While Agent X hates the sneaky plan, he tells me this is very common with almost all companies.

X-Men vs Avengers

One last thing and you all know that there is a comic series of the X-Men vs Avengers and there is talk about an animated feature of it. It is unknown if it will be a crossover between the new series or direct animated movie.

Hope this helps you overcome the cancellation of the Avengers.

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