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    Ok so Agent X revealed some interesting things about the upcoming Marvel animated features. I am going to do it in order in little summaries (but also take it with a grain of salt). Also source BEST NEWS EVER!.

    Ok so the series, as expected, has low ratings because of the majority of the hardcore fans. Marvel realized they made HUGE mistake on it, that they went towards the younger audience instead of both the young and the adult, and the second season was renewed before the series even debut.

    But this might change since they planned to make it less comedic and more drama, action packed and (thank god) LESS CUTAWAYS in season two and there is talk to be the same tone as the new Spider-Man movie reboot. This series might have a third season i…

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    Special news

    May 23, 2012 by Godblaster

    For us Avengers fans and want to see the episodes faster then the actual long week wait for the episodes.

    Australians are one of those lucky people to see the episodes earlier then promised to the American viewers.

    ABC release dates So we will enjoy the goodness of the episodes much earlier then expected even though the quality of those episodes might be bad when they show up on the internet. ;3

    Also another thing to note, it seems that The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is on a hiatus in USA, something to do with the downput show Ultimate Spider-Man of how it could handle as a stand alone. But for some reason Nightmare in Red is listed on 24th of May, but we shall see tomorrow what will happen.

    with the new episode info on ABC It seems th…

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    May 16, 2012 by Godblaster

    Ok we are doing this again.

    Randomguy and I will choose which categories are going to stay and which are going to go.

    Categories: For Characters

    • Characters
    • Aliens
    • Species of character
    • Group they belong

    (maybe proffession as well)

    For Episodes

    • Episodes
    • Season one/two episodes
    • Episodes directed by (name of director)
    • Episodes written by (name of writer)


    • Equipment
    • Items
    • Vehicles

    For locations

    I think they should be named like in the DCAU wiki or the Young Justice one.

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    May 14, 2012 by Godblaster

    OOh yeah!

    Ok I have added templates on this wiki, some examples:

    The sourcing template, for every episode I made a template, eg

    Also the templates of the characters have on the first appearance info a code that allows you only to type in the episode number and it shows the episode on it, be sure to do that. Hope I helped you guys with this.

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    Episode 2 previewSeeing the preview for the second episode of season 2, I am very excited that they are discussing about a super hero registration act, which many of us know what it actually means right?

    What are your thoughts about this? Leave a comment please.

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