This your fellow admin BlindmelonKen speaking.

I would like to inform you all of a few things before I return to editing the wikis after a long hiatus.

1. Do NOT upload images for the sake of uploading them. The AEMH Wiki is a database that details information from the show's canon. This is not a full-Fanon site. Now, if you're adding images that you are upload to a blog post, that's perfectly fine. Although, adding images that look cool or are simply just perverted images of any of the female characters is highly prohibited. Any user who chooses to add useless images will receive a warning the first time, a one-month block the second.

2. While I am returning here to clean up the wiki, it will take me several days for me to fully contribute here again. I'm very busy with personal matters at this moment, but I'm using what free time I have to correct a few mistakes. So if you don't see me here much during the next couple of days, I'm not dead.

3. The template design will be changed. Me and several other users I've spoke with are tired of reusing the same YJ Wiki blood that has spawned through-out countless other wikis. A newer template will arise in a new, more unique look. I am currently experimenting with a Toggle option that lets you automatically switch between an image of a character's civilian outfit, and one with them in their superhero/villain outfit. However, this won't be for a little while, or at least until I master my coding skills.

I appreciate all of your edits and contribution here, and be sure to buy the ongoing Marvel Universe: The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes comics, now available at your local comic shop.

Stay strong fellow Avengers, there still a lot of fun to be had here.


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