"Face the wrath of Stormbreaker!"
Beta Ray Bill showing his new hammer[src]

Stormbreaker is the magical Asgardian hammer of Beta Ray Bill. It was created by Eitri after Bill was deemed worthy to weild Mjolnir.


After Beta Ray Bill picked up Thor's hammer, Eitri the dwarf made him Stormbreaker with the remaining precious Uru metal in Nidavellir.

It was used by Bill to fend off the horde of Fire Demons, protecting his ship Skuttlebutt, which held his people the Korbinites in coldsleep.[1]


Unlike the hammer Mjolnir, the Stormbreaker is golden and resembles a hammer axe .[1]


Stormbreaker has the same properties as Mjolnir. It can use it to fly and control the fundamental element of lighting and release it at his foes,[1] and may only be lifted by those who are worthy to wield it.

Known Users

  • Beta Ray Bill[1]



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