Sleepers are giant robots made by HYDRA and used by the Red Skull.



The scientists of HYDRA worked on developing the Sleepers during World War II. However, the robots weren't finished until after the war.

Modern times

In modern times, when Bucky returned to the abandoned HYDRA base, he saw a Sleeper. More of them attacked Hydro-Base and freed the Red Skull. Bucky managed to destory a Sleeper when Captain America and Nick Fury were hunting for him.


Later, in Washington, D.C., several Sleepers combined themselves into one giant Mega-Sleeper with a Nova Cannon in its chest. The Avengers fought the Mega-Sleeper until Captain America and Winter Soldier arrived to target the CPU in its head. Captain America and Winter Soldier found Red Skull in the CPU part of the Mega-Sleeper where Red Skull planed to brainwash them to serve him. Winter Soldier then broke free as the fight within the Mega-Sleeper damaged the giant machine. The Avengers managed to cause the Mega-Sleeper to collapse into the clearing.


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