Skrull Commander

Skrull Commander is an unnamed Skrull leading the Skrull invasionary forces in the Secret Invasion.


Prisoner of War

He was in charge of torturing the captive Captain America with every method of torture but failed to break his will. Later she sends in the Skrull Avengers to do a fake rescue to fool him, but failed again leading to Cap's escape.

He was confident that Cap will never escape the ship but underestimated him and the other people who were replaced by Skrulls.

After accepting his punishment from Queen Veranke, he was given orders to send the full team of Skrull Avengers to infiltrate Wakanda and steal the vibranium needed for their invasion of Earth.

Secret Invasion (episode)

He was participating the invasion commandeering the ship. When Thor arrived and blasted the Skrulls with his lightning, the Skrull Commander's ship ws caught and got shot down.

He was presumed to have been captured and locked up in Prison 42 along with all the Skrulls.

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