Skrull Avengers
Avengers Skrulls Assemble!
Leader Captain America (Skrull) (First Cap Skrull)
Notable members

To impersonate the real Avengers (failed)

First appearance Prisoner of War
"We are everywhere. You'll see."
―Iron Man (Skrull)

The Skrull Avengers are a group of Skrulls posing as the Avengers.


Prisoner of War

The five Skrull Avengers were tasked by their Skrull Commander to do a fake rescue in the hopes of breaking Captain America. However, Captain America saw through this and defeated them before finally escaping his cell. Near the end of the episode Captain America (Skrull) tells the Skrull Commander to contact the fleet, prepare the Wakanda infiltration and send the rest of the reinforcements to New York City and Washington, D.C.


They were sent by the Skrull Commander to infiltrate Wakanda on their mission to steal vibranium.

When they arrived, the leader had tricked Ms. Marvel into helping them fight Black Panther and the real Avengers until two of the Skrull Avengers were exposed.

After being compromised, Iron Man (Skrull) immediately orders his remaining teammates to destroy all who stand in their way. But in the end, they were defeated, leaving their leader the last one to fall without saying his last words before meeting his defeat: "We are everywhere. You'll see."

At the end of the battle, all the bodies were piled up.

Notable Members


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