Silver Centurion Armor

The Silver Centurion Armor is a combat-ready armor created by Tony Stark. It has some similarities with the Mark III armor but different weapons systems.

It appeared in "Ultron Imperative".


  • Repulsor Beams
  • Unibeam
  • HUD
  • Comm Systems
  • Repulsor Boot Jets
  • Laser Missiles


The Silver Centurion armor resembles the one from the Marvel comics but almost look similar to the Mark VI armor in the Avengers EMH.


The Silver Centurion armor was built by Tony Stark based on the Mark III's body type but a little more Roman centurion's armor. It has some latest high-tech weapons systems.

When Ultron took over all the armors,the Silver Centurion was among them to destroy the Avengers,but was destroyed by Thor's lightning.

It was alter rebuilt after the battle.


  • Ultron Imperative (first and last appearance)

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