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Sentry-459 is a colossal Kree Sentry sent by Yon-Rogg to destroy Earth and pave a way for the Kree to take Earth before the Skrulls do first.


The Sentry-459 was sent to Earth to eliminate anything which may pose a threat to the Kree empire as it destroyed the Observatory despite being interfered by Ant-Man, Wasp and Captain Marvel.

The Sentry-459 was also programmed to eliminate anyone who might put up any resistance against the Krees especially villains and disable satellites looking in space to avoid detection,including their space-faring capability. It is also equipped with the advanced Kree weaponry and the Mega-Bomb that will wipe out everyone on the planet.

But it was stopped by the Avengers and Captain Marvel. Despite its invulnerability on the outside, it can be destroyed from the inside as demonstrated by Wasp who entered a hole blown up by the others.


The Sentry-459 looks like a collosal robot. It has green eyes and tentacle-like arms.


It has no emotions as it's programmed to destroy anything who stands against the Kree.

Powers and Abilites

The Sentry-459 possess powerful Kree weapons and armor:

  • Kree Laser Weapons: Sentry-459 has powerful kree weapons capable of dealing those who stands in its way as it search for targets.
  • Kree Super Armor Sentry-459 was able to withstand powerful blows and blasts from its foes, but has a weak spot on the inside.


Sentry-459 has a Mega-Bomb and rocket thrusters

  • Mega-Bomb A powerful Kree bomb that may wipe clean of all life if they were a threat to the Kree.


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