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Quciksilver is a mutant with the ability of super speed. He is the son of Magneto and brother of Scarlet Witch.


Magneto Walks The Earth

Pietro along with his father and sister, went to Avengers Mansion, to claim the Wasp for the Brotherhood of Mutants, believing that she is a mutant due to a rumor in the news they heard.

Facing the Avengers, Captain America throws his shield directly to Magneto, but Pietro manages to catch it with ease before it hits his father in the head.

When the Wasp claimed that she not is mutant, Magneto is beaten by a brick thrown by one anti-mutant protestors were in the mansion, what does infuriated him, changing their target of attack towards other humans.

This makes Pietro and his sister be made against his father, who imprisons them with pieces of metal, being released by the Wasp, who along the Avengers, attack to Magneto, demanding to his father for his attitude, forcing him to escape from the place, claiming that they will be on your side in the war, or be destroyed.

After the attack, Iron Man tells Wanda and Pietro, who have to come with them, and Jan explains that she is not a mutant, but the Avengers would not mind if it were, also speaking to the crowd that regardless of whether they are, they fight against the bad guys together, Quicksilver grabs the Scarlet Witch and escape, but not without telling the Avengers that they have given the siblings something to think about.

Powers and Abilities

Quicksilver powers aemh

Quicksilver catching the shield of Captain America, with his speed.

Quicksilver possesses agility and speed beyond a normal human being, because of that, he is able to dodge, and yet, catch bullets or weapons with ease.

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