Purple Man Proposal One
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Zebediah Killgrave

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Mutated human



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Mind control on people of his purple essence

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Breakout, Part 1

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Brent Spiner

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"I was able to take whatever I wanted, but I should have had more."
―Purple Man[src]

Purple Man is a super-villain with purple skin. During the Breakout, he along with many other super-villains escaped from the Raft. He went into hiding after escaping the Raft.


Breakout, Part 1

Purple Man escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody when the Breakout occurred. He escaped from The Raft and went to an unknown place for refuge.

Emperor Stark

While Iron Man was preparing to fix Vision, an Avengers alert came in. Purple Man had attacked a restaurant and was easily defeated. Being humiliated by Iron Man, he was handing over to S.H.I.E.L.D. Purple Man somehow escaped, and went to Stark Industries. There he enslaved Pepper Potts and had her shut down all video and audio recorders in the building. Purple Man enslaved Iron Man, and forced him to do multiple things for the next 30 days. He eventually took control of the entire world, including every single being, except Vision. He ruled the world through Iron Man. Most of the Avengers and Iron Man all snapped out of Purple Man's mind control, all thanks to Vision. He was soon defeated and arrested for his crimes.

Physical Appearance

Purple Man has a business like appearance. He wears a purple suit and tie. His skin is lined with dark and light purple shades, and his hair is even darker purple. He has the same appearance as his comic book counterpart but a little trimmed.


Purple Man is accustomed to getting what he wants by any means necessary even if it means taking control of the people's wills. He is shown to be cowardly when he sees the Avengers very angry at him for taking control of them.

Powers and Abilities

Purple Man has the power to take control of people within a small radius of his presence. His power is enhanced by an orbiting satellite "provided" by Iron Man who was taken control. However, his power is useless on machines and people who have great willpower.