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Powerless is the 15th episode of season two of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the 41th of the overall series.


Loki remains a prisoner of the Midgard Serpent for his crimes against Asgard. He smoulders with hatred for the Avengers, until the Enchantress offers him a chance at revenge. Can the three Avengers regain their powers in time?[1]


Loki is still being tortured by the Midgard Serpent when the Enchantress, still under Surtur's control, gives him a chance to get his revenge on the Avengers. The Wrecking Crew battles Thor, Iron Man, Captain America , and Hawkeye when suddenly a big storm appears in the sky. The storm strikes Thor, Iron Man and Captain America and makes them unable to use their powers. Iron Man is now in the Mark I Armor and is not a genius anymore so he does not know how to get the armor to work. Thor is now a mortal. Captain America no longer has the Super Soldier Serum. Hawkeye wasn't affected by the storm, which was Enchantress' spell. Enchantress places Loki's soul in the Destroyer and sends him to Midgard. Hawkeye protects the powerless heroes as they flee to the subway. The Wrecking Crew chases them. Loki  takes them down and goes after the Avengers. They fight Loki until Thor finds his inner strength and he, Iron Man, and Captain America regain their powers. They defeat Loki and he returns to the Midgard Serpent. Enchantress tells him that he will be tortured till the end of time. She informs Surtur that Loki couldn't defeat Thor as the Fire Demon Lord has planned. Surtur tells her Ragnarok will begin soon. Meanwhile, Iron Man places the Destroyer in a container in Avengers Mansion.



Loki is tortured by the Midgard Serpent since "A Day Unlike Any Other".

Enchantress is still under Surtur's control since "The Ballad Of Beta Ray Bill".

The Wrecking Crew returns from "Gamma World, Part 2".


  • This the first known episode written by Man of Action (Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau), the same developers from Ultimate Spider-Man, and the creators of Cartoon Network's Ben 10 and Generator Rex franchises.
  • In this episode, Loki says "The day my brother learns humility is the day a frost giant breathes fire." After being placed in the Destroyer, Loki "breathes" fire, and Loki is a frost giant. This also happens to be the day Thor learns humility.
  • Final appearances of LokiAmora the EnchantressThe Wrecking Crew (which consists of the WreckerBulldozer, and Thunderball this time since Piledriver appears to be missing for an unknown reason), and Surtur.
  • Only appearance of the Destroyer.



"Christmas came early." -Wrecker.


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