User rights policy is a police that is set in place to see if you are eligible to request user rights promotion:


To become a Rollback you must follow the requirements below. A rollback is a users with a few extra tools that help combat poor edits and vandalism. With rollback rights you can revert these kind of edits in just one push of a button.

Requirements that must be achieved are in bold.

  • He/she must least 150+ quality edits.
  • Must be active for at least three weeks.
  • Never have a block history (one block is acceptable, if it's not as bad or blocked by mistake.)


To become an Admin you must follow the requirements below. An admin is a normal user, who has extra rights to help maintain the wiki. Here are some of the requirements in becoming an admin, though not all of these requirements must be filled, a certain few must be in place to insure that you become an admin.

Requirements that must be achieved are in bold.

  • He/she must have at least 987-1500+ quality edits.
  • He/she should have made many helpful contributions
  • He/she must not have a block history. (Though, this requirement can be ignored in certain cases.)
  • He/she must be focused on the wiki's neatness and improvement
  • He/she must have the community's (not just yours) trust.
  • He/she should be fimilar with css and javascript and how they work.
  • He/she must be good at wiki coding.
  • He/she needs to be in the wiki for more than one month.
  • He/she needs to be active in the wiki.
  • He/she must be aware of the wiki's topic and know about it.

Users will not be granted Admin rights because they ask, they must first meet some if not all of the requirements on in this section to become an admin. Though take note, you will not be promoted if the wiki has an active number of admins and current admins must agree with he/she being promoted.


To become a bureaucrat you must follow the requirements below. A bureaucrat is a users how has the power to change user rights for a users. He/she also has all the powers of an admin.

Requirements that must be achieved are in bold.

  • He/she must have at least 3000+ quality edits.
  • Must be an active administrator.
  • All requirements for administrator and must understand how to use bureaucrat rights.
  • A user will only be promoted to bureaucrat if all the active bureaucrats agree.

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