Lucia von Bardas
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Lucia von Bardas

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Human Cyborg



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Fantastic Four


Arm Mounted Laser Guns

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Doctor Doom

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Breakout, Part 1

Voiced by

Kirsten Potter

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Lucia von Bardas is a Latverian cyborg and representive for Doctor Doom.


In Slovakia, Lucia has made a deal with A.I.M. over their latest weaponry and technology as Doom's representative, but Iron Man arrived and apprehended them. He then told Lucia to send the message to Doctor Doom that he'll come for him for stealing his tech. Then she departed with the Doombots.


Lucia takes down the Wasp.

Lucia reviewed the Avengers and their threat levels to Doom, she suggested that they should delay his plan, but Doom ordered to continue and if the Avengers would get in the way then they would be killed.

After the kidnapping of Wasp and Invisible Woman, the former woke up, but Lucia knocked her out. Iron Man arrived, but Lucia took care of him. After bringing Invisible Woman and Wasp to Doctor Doom, the Avengers invaded the castle, she fought alongside Doom but got disabled by Black Panther.


Lucia has black hair and pink eyes without pupils. She wears a black outfit with steel plates on her with a V symbol on the left chest.


As she is a cyborg, she has no emotions.

She acts on
Lucia von Bardas Emotionless

Lucia is emotionless

the orders of her master, Doctor Doom, without question or hesitation.


  • Cybernetic enchancement: Lucia von Bardas has cybernetic enhancements that gives her abilities far normal human can do.
    • Hidden guns: Lucia von Bardas can use laser guns on her arms to attack on foes.


Background in other media

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