Avengers EMH LivingLegend




Original Airdate

November 3, 2010

Directed by

Vinton Heuck

Written by

Kevin Burke
Chris Wyatt


"Some Assembly Required"


"Everything is Wonderful"

Living Legend is the ninth episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


While searching for the Hulk the Avengers ask some fisherman if they have seen him. They point and they proceed. Iron Man picks up a life sign but it is faint and tells Wasp to find it. She flies off saying if it is an evil snow monster she will be ticked. Instead she stumbles upon the frozen body of Captain America. They bring him onto the Quin Jet and thaw him out. He mistakes Iron Man for a HYDRA automaton and attacks him. Thor tries to calm him down but Cap attacks him and jumps out of the jet. He lands on the Statue of Liberty and is confronted by Wasp. He thinks she is one of Baron Zemo's experiments. The tourists take pictures of him and he is confused. Wasp takes him to a war memorial statue of him and Bucky. He says if he is alive that Bucky might be too but Iron Man says there is no trace of him. They take Cap to Avengers Mansion and he is given a room. At a HYDRA base Baron Zemo breaks in and Baron Strucker is surprised to see his escaped too. A HYDRA agent reports to them that Captain America is alive. Zemo then leaves and goes to the base of Arnim Zola. He is confronted by Doughboy, who is happy to see him. Zemo tells Zola of the situation and Zola treats him to keep him alive. Doughboy is sent to attack the Statue of Liberty which causes Iron Man, Thor, & Ant Man to go and attack him. Wasp tries to convince Cap to join but they are attack by another Doughboy and Zemo. Wasp battles Doughboy while Captain America is taunted by Zemo that he is better and smarter and faster. Zemo is about to give Cap the death blow but Black Panther throws Cap his shield. Zemo throws a grenade right in front of Wasp that is about to go off and he leaves. Cap jumps in front of Wasp and shields her with his shield. Wasp takes him to Ellis Island where Giant Man discovers that Arnim Zola's pets are weakened by Wasp's bio-energy and he changes his helmet to match the energy signature and tells Iron Man to do the same. Doughboy is defeated. Back at Avengers mansion Iron Man welcomes Cap to the Avengers. At Zola's base Enchantress and Executioner welcome Zemo into the Masters of Evil.

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