The Sentry-459, one of the formidable Kree Sentries.

The Kree Sentry is a powerful collosal war machine of the Kree empire. They serve as scouts and war machines as the Kree search and conquer worlds.

Description and History

They're designed and programmed to neutralise the targeted civilization's technology and resistance on any targeted world. If the planet's population is going to be a problem, the Kree Sentry had the capability to eliminate the problem. Each Sentry has been equipped with a Mega-Bomb that obliterates all life on a targeted world, making way for the Kree forces to occupy it for their empire.

The only seen Kree Sentry is Sentry-459 as it was assigned to eliminate humanity's technology, military space capability, and heroes including villains but was destroyed by the Avengers assisted by Captain Marvel despite its invulnerability to Earth's weapons and magic.

Known Kree Sentry

  • Sentry-459

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