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John Jonah Jameson

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Brown with gray stripes

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Daily Bugle

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Along Came a Spider

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J. K. Simmons

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J. Jonah Jameson is the head of Daily Bugle and an employer of Peter Parker.


Early Life

His early life was unknown but he became the head of Daily Bugle.

Somehow, when Spider-Man first appeared in public, he has been branding webhead a "wall-crawling menace" through editorial attacks for years despite the people's claims of him being a hero.

Along Came a Spider

At the post-Secret Invasion event, he was responsible for branding Captain America a traitor on every newspaper, believing him to be collaborating with the Skrulls, which turned the public against the World War II legend.
111 ep 39

Spider Man is a masked menace!

As Tony Stark begins arguing with him, he talked back to him that the real heroes should be professionals, not costumed vigilantes starting with Spider-Man. After Stark convinced him that he'll prove that Cap's innocent, Jameson called in Parker to help the reporting with Betty Brant.

Somehow, after clearing Cap's name from traitor to hero again, he still branded Spider-Man a menace on the morning newspaper, which angers the webhead.

His fate was unknown but might have been webbed by Spidey for that as payback.

Physical Appearance

J. Jonah Jameson has a normal human appearance, has black and white hair and mustache and blue eyes. He never smiles, only getting very cranky.


J. Jonah Jameson bears a grudge against super-powered vigilantes in general, and Spider-Man in particular, feeling that they are given the adoration more due what he describes as real heroes - police, firemen, paramedics, and of course, newspapermen. He is also apparently something of a jerk.

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