IIonic Energy is a rare powerful and dangerous atomic element used by A.I.M. and M.O.D.O.C. to create Wonder Man out of Simon Williams.

Though none of the test subjects survived the processing,only Simon survived the blast becoming a being of pure ionic energy.

With ionic energy, Wonder Man used his new-found powers to remove Iron Man from his armor and attempted to kill him for what he did to his life, though it's not true because he didn't listen.

But Ant-Man intervened and attempted to negotiate with him,but Simon didn't listen and attacked him outside Stark International Building.

Hank went into Giant-Man mode to engage him but Wonder Man expanded in size to the size of him which amazes him. Then it's a battle of the giants. As Wonder Man nearly bested him, Hank again tried to reconcile him that he's a good man and violence won't solve anything. That would have calmed Simon doown if it weren't for Iron Man in a Hulkbuster Armor to end this. Then again the fighting starts with Iron Man losing a mechanical arm.

Though big and tough is the Hulkbuster armor,Wonder Man easily defeats him with ionic powers completely shattering his entire armor. But his ionic energy is destabilizing that threatens his life,nearly destroying him.In the night,he was mysteriously restored by The Enchantress who offered him to keep him him alive for one simple task:destroy the Avengers,an offer Simon wouldn't refuse.

Wonder Man then uses his powers to assist the Masters of Evil battle the Avengers but repeatedly defeated.He continued fighting them until Black Panther consoled him of his actions would bring if he helps them conquer the world,then he left.

In the AEMH Season 2 trailer,Wonder Man was seen having a new evolution of his ionic powers emitting gold instead of purple as a new member of the Avengers to redeem himself.

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