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Hercules is a god of the Greek pantheon and rival of Thor.



Hercules and Thor had fought in many battles between them in the past, as in Paris during World War II.

With Friends Like These

Hercules arrives at Avengers Mansion, just attacking to Thor, when the latter opens the door, leading the Avengers to think what Hercules is an enemy, until Thor manages to clear things up.

When Thor tells Hercules, there is now no need to fight each other as in the past, Hercules throws Thor down the street, thinking that has become soft with mortals, angering Thor, while making him fight against Hercules, in the process destroying Manhattan, leading the rest of the Avengers to call Hulk, who manages to calm the two heroes, putting an end to their battles,

But before Hercules, achieves invite to Thor for celebrate, both are called by the Wasp, ordering fix and clean the Mansion which was destroyed during the fight.

Physical appearance

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Hercules is proud of your strenght and loves to fight with powerful beings, to measure their powers, but also quite egocentric, talking about the great things he did in his life, to the annoyance of others.

Powers and Abilities

Hercules has immense demigod strength, enough to beat Thor strongly and resist their attacks.


  • Marvel Universe: Avengers - Earth's Mightiest Heroes #11

Background in other media

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