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Flora colossus



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Guardians of the Galaxy

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Michael Korvac (episode)

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Troy Baker

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Groot is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He is a Flora Colossus from an unknown world.


Early Life

At some point in his life he joined the Guradians of the Galaxy.

Michael Korvac (episode)

Later, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, they tracked Michael Korvac onto Earth and battled the Avengers for him, until they were able to make it clear to the Avengers that Michael Korvac was a threat to sentient life.[1]


Groot is the brute of the Guardians and as such he uses his large form to tackle heavy-hitting opponents. He only says "I am Groot".[1]

Powers and Abilites

He is shown to have regeneration abilities, even being able regenerate from a completely torn state. He has great stature and strength, although he does not appear to be on par with the Avengers' super-strong members.[1]


He can be destroyed easily by strong creatures, energy and other types of blast. Also he may not be able to regenerate when a destroying weapon is on him destorying him when ever he regenerates. He also possibly has Florakinesis (plant abilites).[1]


Background in other media

  • Groot is only capable of saying the phrase "I am Groot!" According to the comics, this apparently translates to an incredibly intricate and articulate language that can only be deciphered by subtle alterations in his tone. The fact that everything he says is only understandable as "I am Groot!" is explained due to his own flora colossus physiology, which makes his larynx too hardened to produce other sounds.


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