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Corrina Walters

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Michael Korvac

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Michael Korvac (episode)

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Jennfier Hale

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"You're the only monster here, Michael!"
―Corrina [src]

Corrina Walters is Michael Korvac's former love interest.


She appeared in "Michael Korvac" as an illusion Michael Korvac sees on Wasp and as a waitress in a resturant when Wasp informed her that Michael Korvac is alive which shakens her causing her to drop the plates she carried.

When they reunited, Korvac had promised to Corrina to be never separated from her again from those aliens who took him for experimentation.

As the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived on Earth and fought the Avengers, Korvac had dragged her to the safe location within the Mansion escorted by Wasp.

After the Avengers realised the truth from the Guardians, Michael Korvac knocks everyone out with his unstable cosmic powers and took Corrina and Ms. Marvel to the park where he crashed landed.

Corrina had witnessed Korvac's insanity as he took out all of the heroes. He claimed to her that the Avengers and the Guardians are the "monsters" and he'll won't let them take him away again. But she replied with "You're the only monster here, Michael!"

Her words ashames Korvac who then teleported himself to the other far reaches of space where he blames himself for his insane actions in front of his love.

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