Code Red (team)
Leader Dell Rusk
Notable members

Doc Samson (formely)
Falcon (formely)
Winter Soldier (formely)
Red Hulk (formely)

Location Office Dell Rusk
First appearance Nightmare in Red
Code Red is a team of superhuman government operatives under the command of Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk.

Most of them were brainwashed by Dell Rusk to obey every command he gives and would do them without hesitation.


Nightmare in Red

All of four of them were present at Dell Rusk's office in the Pentagon, Washington D.C. being congratulated for the success of the mission despite some failures and distractions on their mission.

Code Red (episode)

They were sent to take down the Avengers under orders from Dell Rusk after the latter framed them for the crime they didn't commit. Only three were in the Avengers Mansion fighting the affected Avengers and Iron Man while Red Hulk dealt with Thor at the Statue of Liberty, causing a battle on two fronts.

Despite their efforts, Code Red team failed their mission and was disbanded after its members were freed from Rusk's brainwashing.

Notable Members

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