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Donald Gill

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Iron Man


Ice Blasters

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Breakout, Part 1

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Troy Baker

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Blizzard is an old foe of Iron Man. He has an arsenal of cryogenic weaponry to do the job.


Early life

Donnie Gill created his Blizzard costume to aid him in his life of crime. Before Blizzard was locked up in The Vault, he encountered Iron Man several times.[1]

The Breakout

During the sudden Breakout, he teamed up with Living Laser, Whiplash, and the Crimson Dynamo, before Iron Man activated the self-destruct sequence of the Vault, but Blizzard escaped just in time.[1]

He is later brought to Number 42 by Wasp, Ant-Man, and Thor, found it unfair for teaming up against him. He is then transported to his cell by an Ultron unit.[2]

Assault on 42

Blizzard helped the Avengers when Annihilus attacked the Prision. He froze some of the Negative Zone Bugs, but was eventually taken out by the Annihilation Wave.

Physical appearance

Blizzard wears a Eskimo-style blue and white parka over a cryogenic suit armed with cryogenic weapons based on the comic appearance.He wears an ice pack on his back with two pipes leading down to his gloves. This may supply him with all the ice. [1]


He is a cold-hearted person having a grudge on Iron Man, however, it is also a coward when confronted with unfamiliar  or dangerous situations, when he entered to the Negative Zone, and when he went to confront Annihilus and his bugs.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius-level intellect: Donald Gill before he started on crimes, he made a cryokinetic suit which gave him the name Blizzard.[1]


  • Cryokinetic suit: Blizzard made a the suit, which can create ice and encase people with it. It can also be used to shoot a block of ice at foes. The battle suit lets him emit freezing rays which instantly lower the temperature of the surrounding air or objects.[1]


Background in other media

  • This is the third animated appearance of Blizzard. He previously appeared in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and Iron Man.
  • In the comics, Donald Gill somehow received the cryoginetic suit of the original Blizzard who was Gregor Shapanka also orignally called Jack Frost.
  • The design that Blizzard has in this series shares a stronger resemblance to that of Captain Cold, who is a member of The Flash's rogues gallery, than his actual comic book counterpart.


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