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Balder Odinson

Alternative name(s)

Balder the Brave

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Hair color

Silvery White

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Frost Giants



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The Siege of Asgard

Voiced by

Nolan North

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Balder is an honourary Asgardian warrior and stepbrother of Thor.


Balder fought in defense of Asgard when it was assaulted by Frost Giants who were under the command of Loki.[1]

After Thor left Asgard, Balder tried to reconciles with him to come back, but Thor rejected his offer.[2]

Other Worthy's Arrival

Balder worried about Thor's troubles and thought he was troubled by the Enchantress, but Thor explain to him that it was Jane Foster he missed. They were interrupted by Sif, who misunderstanding Thor. Odin arrived and reported that Surtur was missing from Muspelheim. The Warriors Tree came and reported that Heimdal was troubled and Thor went suggested he would take care of it.[3]

Balder was present when Beta Ray Bill was teleported by Odin, to Asgard with Mjolnir in his hand. Balder attacked him, but he was easily defeated by the worthy. After hearing the backstory of Bill and Odin suggested another way then to give Thor's hammer to safe his people, he went along with Sif, Thor and Bill to Eitri and to create another hammer for Bill.[3]

Powers and Abilities

  • Expert swordsmanship: He has the spirit of a true Asgardian swordsman. With his honed sword-mastering abilities, he can able to hold on his own in battle against anyone who threatens Asgard and it's ruler Odin.[1]




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