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Blanche Sitznski

Physical description

Human/Surgically mutated



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Serpent Society

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Vanessa Marshall

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Anaconda, real named Blanche Stizinski, is a member of the Serpent Society and is the only female member of the group, though they are occasionally aided and led by Madame Viper. 


She and the rest of the Serpent Society battled the Avengers in an underground subway. Unfortunately, Hank Pym's paficist decisions cause the Serpent Society to escape. She later battled alongside the rest of the Society against Captain America and Spider-Man on orders from Madame Viper and while she was successful in denting Cap's temporary shield with her strength, she was ultimately ordered to retreat.

Anaconda was seen alongside her comrades when she was attacked and imprisoned by Yellowjacket. She was eventually freed and arrested. 

Physical Appearance

Anaconda resembles her mainstream counterpart from the comics but a little more trimmed.

Powers & Abilities

Anaconda is an artificially enhanced being who possesses several superhuman powers. She is superhumanly strong, capable of denting Cap's temporary steel shield with a single punch. She is also able to extend her arms like snakes, which allows her to attack from a distance and to crush her foes like a true anaconda.   

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