Adam Warlock
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Adam Warlock

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Artificial Being



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Energy Manipulation,


Soul Gem

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Guardians of the Galaxy

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Michael Korvac (episode)

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Kirk Thornton

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Adam Warlock is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He possesses the Soul Gem, which contains a pocket dimension, as well as allowing the carrier to engage other sentient creatures in conversations using the mind, directly.


Early Life

His early life was largely unknown but he joined the Guardians to protect all sentient life in the universe.

Michael Korvac

Along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, he tracked Michael Korvac onto Earth and battled the Avengers for him, until they were able to make it clear to the Avengers that Michael Korvac was a threat to sentient life.

He and the other Guardians had teamed up with the Avengers to take down Michael Korvac, but were soundly defeated.

After Korvac's departure, Warlock had sensed his shaken feelings from Corrina's words. Then the Guardians had departed.


He wears the Guardians uniform. He still retains his face and appearance from the comics but a little trimmed.

Powers and Abilities

Adam Warlock has the Soul Gem that grants him telepathy and teleportation. He is also a skilled fighter able to go head-on with Black Panther.


He possess a fighting staff and the Soul Gem at his disposal.

Background in other media

  • Warlock is the only member of the Guardians to have prior animated appearances, appearing in the Silver Surfer animated series, Marvel Super Hero Squad Show and the Planet Hulk animated movie.
  • Warlock possesses the Soul Gem. The Soul Gem is one of six infinity gems, the other five being the Power Gem, Reality Gem, Space Gem, Time Gem, & Mind Gem.

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